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Introduction of 'Applied Mathematics' as a new academic elective from 2020-21

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has introduced ‘Applied Mathematics’ as a new academic elective from the current academic year (2020-2021) for class XI.

“The Applied Mathematics course will be very beneficial for the students who want to contiue their studies in the field of Commerce.

The press release from CBSE added that Applied Mathematics subject will have a very practical approach, and the students are expected to learn through practical applications of Mathematics in different disciplines.

“The students who had taken Basic Mathematics in class X are also eligible to opt for Applied Mathematics for Class 11 & 12.

The affiliated schools who have permission for running Mathematics course in their school at Senior Secondary Level would be automatically eligible to run this course with the availability of necessary infrastructure and human resources.

“It may be noted that those students who have earlier offered Applied Mathematics as a Skill Elective will offer Applied Mathematics as an Academic Elective in the current year 2020-21 for class 12. They have to follow the syllabus of Applied Mathematics offered as an academic subject. Applied Mathematics course will not be available from the current Academic Session 2020-21 as Skill subject,” the release added.

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